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27 thoughts on “sticky post

  1. Excuse me,
    Besides video, would you upload more photos of beautiful and sex girls at the same time?
    Thank you so much.

  2. Hello. Some time ago (about four months) you had a lot of nice photosets on your site, now they all vanished. Can you please tell why and where can I find them if you moved them on another site? Thank you.

  3. hi men, excuse me, is there a way to get the videos in a better quality??? thanks

  4. Sir, may you kindly please post the SweetCreeps69 videos? You’re already a hero that helped me cum to dozens of candids. If you did this, you would further immortalize yourself as a candid god.

  5. please fix your fucking site or answer telegram for request to pay for videos. fucktards

  6. can you guys please fix the link to the mega access, it redirects to something else.

  7. also, section no longer has any links anymore, can you please fix this too.

  8. thanks for the update guys, really appreciate all the hard work. happy new year, and thank you for everything that you provide. wish you all the best of everything moving forward into the future. peace.

  9. Per favore potreste pubblicare nuovi set fotografici del paradiso del costume da bagno. Grazie.

  10. videos are not working today. Also wanted to say thanks to everyone who worked on putting this site together, truly a goldmine. you guys are the best

  11. Hi there, videos arent loading today. Appreciating everything you are doing tho!

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